Caution scammers!

AstraN Joint Stock Company must advise you that our Company name is being used fraudulently in schemes within the oil products market.

The fraudulent activity includes selling oil products at pricing well below market.

The fraudsters use fictitious company symbols in commercial offers, letters, fuel supply contracts. The name of acting General Director is stipulated as a signatory of contracts and commercial offers.

Analysis of complaints submitted provides evidence that there appears to be an organized crime group, which on behalf of AstraN JSC issues invoices, sends agreements and powers of attorney, allegedly signed by the Company.

The fraudsters submit fraudulent letterheads, seal impressions, which do not correspond to real, falsified signatures of the head of AstraN JSC, falsified notarizations of commercial documents, falsified powers of attorney to represent the Company’s interest, indicating people, who do not have anything to do with our Company.

The fuel supply contracts contain phone numbers, which do not belong to the Company, and request advance payments to accounts in Sberbank and Promsvyazbank that were never opened by our Company.

The fraudulent activity is directed to receive advance payment under the fuel supply contracts and companion fuel transportation contracts without further shipment of such.

In order to prevent possible financial loss, we inform you that AstraN JSC is currently engaged exclusively in geological exploration in the Astrakhan Region and is not engaged in the business of production and marketing of oil products.

We strongly recommend to pay attention to the offer price of oil products, which significantly differs from the market.

Information e-mail messages on behalf of AstraN JSC are sent from domain name only.

Should you receive commercial offers from companies, which internet resources names are relatable to AstraN JSC domain name, and if you have any doubt about the documents you received on behalf of our Company, please contact us:

AstraN JSC
Russia, 414014, Astrakhan, prospectus Gubernatora Anatoliya Guzhvina, d.6
Tel: +7 (8512) 24-54-80 fax: +7 (8512) 48-39-38